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About Me

At a very young age, I was diagnosed with a disease. I remember the day when the doctor held my reports in his hand and told me I had Pay Per Click(PPC) and Digital Analytics in my blood.

I love marketing and I love technology, combined together comes out a profession that I can’t hate.

I realized Data-Driven Marketing was the future(now present) so I grabbed my boots, wore my helmet, and dived deep into the sea of Digital Marketing. 

When I am not working; I play futsal, work out, go out a ride on my bike and learn new stuff on the internet.

Here are some task I can help you with:

Bibek Bhandari

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SEO help websites to rank higher in Search engine. It is the ultimate source of organic traffic.

Digital Marketing

It’s an era of Digital marketing and if your business is still not online then you are loosing your business.

Keyword research

Targeting right keyword is not so easy as it seems. selecting right keyword means targeting your right audience. Don’t let your keyword research slip through.

On Page SEO

Getting your site ready with best design is not going to help you rank, when your On page is bullshit. Optimize your sites On page properly and you are good to go.

Off Page SEO

Off Page optimization is the backbone of SEO that supports ranking of website in SERPs. Don’t let your overall on page and unique content get wasted without reaching to your audience.

Content Markting

Content is king but even the best content in the world won’t convert if nobody finds it.








How can I help you?

Live Money Spending on Ad Campaigns

All our digital marketers are known for their applied approach of imparting knowledge. One approach is live money spending where trainees actually spend money on ad campaigns to better understand all aspects of online advertising.

100% SEO and Optimization

Share your digital marketing idea with me, we help you with placement assistance. From smallest resources,expert advices and face to face discussions with our hiring partners.

Experienced Friends and Freelancers

The subject experts with me have more than 4 years of experience in the digital marketing industry. With their immense experience, the trainers help the trainees learn all the digital marketing components with ease.

Website Creation and Hosting

While you are enrolled in our digital marketing, we also build a website from scratch and how to host your created website. We provide demo of hosting service and domain to make you familiar with the process of website creation.

Business Planning and Strategy Assistance

We understand the importance of your entrepreneurial dream and we help you make it come true with our business planning and assistance. From designing a business model to carving an effective marketing strategy to business development.

Independent Digital Marketer

You’ll learn some components of digital marketing with my help. Thus, you don’t have to be dependent on anyone for the execution of any work. With holistic know-how of digital marketing, you are no less than a ‘One Man Army.’

Search Engine Certifications

Google, Bing, Hubspot certifications hold a great global value. With these certifications, you can build a super-powerful portfolio and websites. You can leverage these certifications to either land into a high-paying job or acquire more clients.

360° Digital Marketing

With my help you learn the whole of digital marketing and a few of its components. Because you know, you can work on anything and everything related to digital marketing. Quite a helpful way to be an all-rounder full-fledged digital marketer.

10+ Tools

I used 10+ digital marketing tools worth INR 50,000 to master the concepts.With my applied approach,i offer practical sessions wherein the best-of-the-industry tools are used to teach different aspects of digital marketing viz. content creation, analysis, research & implementation.

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I’m currently looking for freelance opportunities, my inbox is always open. Whether for a potential project or just to say hi, I’ll answer as soon as possible to your email!