About Me


Thanks for stopping by. I am Bibek Bhandari from Kathmandu, Nepal. The only purpose of this blog is to document all of my experiences as I go forward learning more and more about Internet Marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I do read a lot of blogs about Internet Marketing and SEO everyday. And then finally, I have completed my Bachelors in Business Administration from Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu Nepal.

A brief background about me

After completing my higher education, I was just killing my time. Most probably because I was not interested to join MBA, attend classes and copy down notes. Moreover, I am not a morning person. But, I am looking forward to joining MBA soon. I am fond of Internet and games. I had this schedule for past few years; I would surf Internet and play video games throughout the day till late night and then wake up late the next morning and repeat! But I realized that my life was not going to end around that schedule of mine! When it comes to football, I am a BIG fan and I support CHELSEA FC. We have a futsal team in Shantinagar and we play in Shantinagar Futsal regularly.

Getting into the world of Internet Marketing

 I was a heavy Internet user but I wasn’t aware of making money online. Until one day, I met a guy in Futsal. He explained me about the fun stuffs of Internet while making some money along. I was thrilled about what we can do over the Internet if we have the right set of skills for it. The best part was, there are many other peoples in Nepal, who make a living from online marketing. Since that day, I started digging deep into this world of Internet and started to learn SEO from him. Recently, I have joined the SEO team in his company. I am learning more everyday. Learning was never much fun before. And we play from the same team in Futsal once in a while.

What lies ahead?

I am looking forward to joining a college soon. Meanwhile, I am continuing to learn more about SEO. It has been really fun so far. Last but not the least, I’ll keep updating my blog as well.Please drop me a message if you have something say. I am happy to share my learning and learn from people who share the same passion for SEO and Internet Marketing. Also, we can fix up a futsal match if you have a team. 😉 Either way, you are welcome to reach me out.

Have a good day !
Bibek Bhandari